Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Definition of S.I.N.

Sin is… slices of lechon (roast pig) in a hoisin-mayonnaise sauce, with one celery leaf to lessen the guilt a bit, all wrapped in soft pita, tied with a green onion stalk...

Last Saturday, 28th of April, my sister and now brother-in-law got married on their 10th anniversary as a couple. It was a simple affair—short, solemn, sweet. The reception was modern, forgoing the usual trite traditions like the bouquet and garter toss and couple’s dance. Instead, it was a night of music and words, songs and poetry, sweet tribute and sour wit..

The best thing about my sister and bro-in-law’s wedding was not the gowns—although the bride was radiant in ecru and, if I may brag, my other sister and I were hopelessly cute in our funky gray-blue and magenta dresses. (The designer, Mitzi Quilendrino, is all about the quirky, and it worked out really well. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find our photos in wedding magazines. In fact, I’d be surprised if we didn’t). It was not the brilliant hosting I did, at turns innocent and scathing. (Obviously, I don’t suffer from that illness called modesty and obviously, I’m my own publicist). Or the brilliant sarcasm that spewed forth from my mother’s mouth… “Levi, you are very fortunate to now be a member of our family… My daughter will love you even if you are unlovable…”

No, the best thing about last Saturday’s wedding was the food prepared by Kaye Cunanan. Below are various definitions of S.I.N…

Salmon Blinis: coin-sized pita circles topped with slivers of smoked salmon on a bed of wasabi mayo and garnished with herbs
Lechon Wrap: slices of Cebu Lechon (roast pig) in a hoisin-mayo sauce and celery leaves wrapped in soft pita

Pan-seared fois gras, scallops, and mandarin orange segments on a bed of fresh greens, drizzled with balsamic dressing

White Rice with herbs and nuts
Carrot Rice: buttered white rice with flecks of carrots

Main Course
Grilled Tiger Prawns, served with roasted vegetables
Red Snapper baked in smooth, creamy sauce and mashed potatoes, topped with almond slivers
Osso Buco: braised beef shank with soft, melting bone marrow, aka Swiss bulalo

Fresh yoghurt drizzled with honey and sprinkled with chopped nuts
Tangy Orange Sorbet


mama_aly said...

ooooh sounds very yummy. is there a restaurant somewhere to sample these treats or do they just cater?

bochog said...

i don't know if she has a restaurant along with her catering business. i'll ask my sis once she get back from the states and pass on info to you.

psst! di ko na nagawa yung tagging game mo. ehehe.

Jennee said...



bochog said...

hindi pwede! hehe. i'll email you a copy. snort.

uy, i'll text you once my sked frees up for lunch or evening coffee. and i'll definitely take you up on your offer of lending me coraline. thanks!

jaygee said...

sige, just let me know when. I'm in dire need of a social life right now. hahaha! and i'm still waiting for that pic of you in the dress! :P

james said...

Ang sarap naman ng mga kinain nyo. Nakakagutom. Im craving lechon now. hehehe. Ang sikat talaga ng lechon cebu kahit saan at kahit anong occasion laging present. D'best kasi ang lechon cebu. Masarap at napaka tender and juicy pa ng meat.